Often you can face the requirement to implement a generic approach to send emails from all your applications or micro-services. This post describes a possible Serverless Architecture that provides the mechanism to send emails through an API endpoint within Amazon Web Service.

Application Requirements

  • Serverless.
  • Fault-tolerance.
  • Support attachments.


The use of AWS…

There are many use-cases where a serverless architecture has a lot of benefits and of course an API service is not the exception. In a previous post, we learned how to deploy a Flask application on EC2 using a Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Groups. …

Having multiple URLs to manage resources or sending multiple requests to retrieve some data, as well as maintain your documentation updated could be a characteristic you don’t like from a REST API and a huge challenge within your team. Probably, there already exists a framework that can help you with…

Probably you are feeling that a RESTful API is not the right choice for your next project or your current use-case is hard to fit into the resource definitions or maybe you are trying to improve the network performance for your request because it’s a key component in your microservice…

Alejandro Cora González

Cloud & Solutions & Data Architect | Python Developer | Serverless Advocate

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